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Lebowitz contre Lebowitz

Awesome Gallery 29 Apr 16 0

Opening credits from season 1 of the TV series I enjoyed scoring for French television channel France 2. It aired in March 2016. On average, 4.3 million viewers watched eight 52 minute episodes.

Papasoff Trio / Painless

Hot Albums 27 Apr 16 0

Choose your battles. How many rounds to your life?
Happiness through absence of pain.

Charles Papasoff / Baritone & Soprano Saxophones, Bass Clarinet
George Mitchell / Bass
Martin Auguste / Drums
Kelsley Grant / Trombone
Christine Tassan / Guitar
Alain Bellaïche / Guitar

All compositions by Charles Papasoff except #2 & 6 George Mitchell, #9 Martin Auguste.

Release date March 21st, 1997


Contrebasse & Marées

Hot Albums 14 Oct 15 0

This project of Mathieu Désy’s conception is based on a polyphonic approach to acoustic bass.
The blend of tones from the bass clarinet and bass, caressed by subtle percussion, provide quite a curative effect on listeners. We describe the music as being submarine and cushioned from the tempest above.

Mathieu Désy / Acoustic Bass
Paul Picard / Percussion
Charles Papasoff / Bass clarinet

All compositions by Mathieu Désy except #3 by Charles Papasoff, #6 Chilly Gonzales, #7 Charlie Chaplin and #9 John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Release date March 24th, 2014

Jazz For Dogs

Hot Albums 14 Oct 15 0

Through proposing a soundtrack for a dog’s life and discovering the canine perspective, this project captures the fertile and versatile imagination of film composer Jean-Michel Bernard.

Jean-Michel Bernard / Piano
Kimiko Ono / Vocals
Charles Papasoff / Baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute
Fifi Chayeb / Bass
Claude Salmieri / Drums
Marc Chantereau / Percussion
Basile Leroux / Guitars
Fanny Ardent / Vocals
Laurent Korcia / Violin
Francis Lai / Accordeon
Jean-Philippe Audin / Cello
Jean-Michel Tavernier / French horn
Eric Giausserand / Trumpet
Michel Gondry / Drums
Nevil Bernard / Vocal, guitar, bass, percussion
Coyote Bill Horns

All compositions by Jean-Michel Bernard except #6 & 8 Charles Papasoff, #13 Mike Stoller, #16 Bruno Coulais, # 19 Nevil Bernard. All lyrics by Kimiko Ono except #1 Fanny Ardent, #7, 15 and 19 Paul Barman, #8 Charles Papasoff and #13 Jerry Leiber.

Released April 22nd, 2014

Coyote Bill

Hot Albums 14 Oct 15 0

Une section rythmique de feu coiffée de cuivres intenses, qui groove sur des beats hybrides dans une atmosphère heureuse, énergique et débridée. Contagieux !

Olivier Bélisle / Guitar
Benjamin Vigneault / Batterie
Hugo Chaput / Basse
Martin Lizotte / Claviers
Jean-François Ouellet / Sax baryton
Charles Papasoff / Sax baryton
Mathieu Van Vliet / Trombone
Mario Allard / Sax alto
David Carbonneau / Trompette

Toutes compositions sont de Coyote Bill

Date de sortie: le 29 février, 2012


Papasoff Live

Hot Albums 14 Oct 15 0

A night at the Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill.
…I’ll take mine rare with a side order of fresh, thank you.

Charles Papasoff / Baritone & soprano saxophones
Jocelyn Tellier / Guitar
George Mitchell / Bass
Martin Auguste / Drums

All compositions by Charles Papasoff, except # 05 by Jocelyn Tellier

Release date February 1st, 2009



Hot Albums 14 Oct 15 0

After the well establish Stoner Rock movement, these hardy rascals propose a jazz alternative.
May the forces that be, reckon with the evolution of the species.

Charles Papasoff / Baritone & soprano saxophones
Jocelyn Tellier / Guitar
George Mitchell / Bass
Martin Auguste / Drums

Compositions #1, 2, 5 & 7 by Charles Papasoff,
#4 John Coltrane, #3, 6 & 8 Collective improvisation by the band

Release date January 1st 2005


Catharsis II

Hot Albums 14 Oct 15 0

When words are not enough…

Céline Bonnier / Narration
James Hyndman / Narration
Coral Egan / Vocals
Mélanie Auclair / Violin
François Pilon / Violin
Ligia Paquin / Alto
Sheila Hannigan / Cello
Bill Mahar / Trumpet & flugelhorn
Tom Walsh / Trombone
Jennifer Bell / Alto & soprano saxophones, flute & alto flute
Donny McCaslin / Tenor & soprano saxophones, clarinet, flute
Charles Papasoff / Baritone & soprano saxophones, bass clarinet
Louis Sedillot / Electronics
Alexandre Cattaneo / Guitar
George Mitchell / Basse
Martin Auguste / Drums

Stories by Jessica Vigneault, Anne-Marie Alonzo, Dany Laferrière, Maxime Olivier Moutier, Diane Harting, Martin Ouellet, Christine Richard & François Carré. Compositions #2, 3, 4, 5 by Charles Papasoff, # 1 Jessica Vigneault, #6 Martin Auguste, #7 Bill Mahar, #8 Alexandre Cattaneo

Release date January 1st 2001